The Many Dates of Indigo

First-time author Amber D. Samuel draws on her upbringing in Houston, Tex., to inspire the witty and fabulous world of Indigo Clark in The Many Dates of Indigo. With a loving family, supportive best friends and her own successful business, Indigo put finding love on the back burner for years. However, with her sister's third baby on the way and her mother's constant fuss over her upcoming 30th birthday party, Indigo finds herself wanting someone to come home to--or just to accompany her to her own party. 

Having no trouble finding prospects, she quickly fills up her calendar with dates through her birthday. Nathan quickly intrigues her and there are immediate sparks, but Diego convinces her to give him a chance, proving to be a pleasant surprise. Then there's Tate. After trying their hand at dating years ago, the two decided to put their past behind them to salvage their friendship. But with her determination to find true love also comes the resurfacing of the memories and challenges of the last time she let herself fall. She is left wondering who is right for her--"one she admired, one she adored, and one she loved deeply. But she knew she could have only one." Indigo's strong will and free spirit make her journey to find love captivating, exciting and heartwarming, highlighting the significance of self-worth and confidence. The fast-paced romance of one relationship contrasts with the slow burn of another, giving readers all they could want in this enthralling debut. --Clara Newton, freelance reviewer

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