A Death in Tokyo

Popular Japanese mystery author Keigo Higashino (Newcomer; Under the Midnight Sun; A Midsummer's Equation) presents the third novel in the Kyoichiro Kaga series to be translated into English, A Death in Tokyo. Readers of international police procedurals and armchair travelers are sure to enjoy this jaunt to the vibrant city of Tokyo.

A statue of a kirin, a mythical Japanese creature, stands guard on the Nihonbashi Bridge. One night, a man assumed to be drunk staggers to a stop beneath it, and collapses, but when an officer attempts to hurry him along, he realizes the man has been stabbed. A few minutes later and several streets away, Fuyuki Yashima is hit by a car and falls into a coma. Police officers investigating the accident are stunned to discover the wallet of the murder victim in Yashima's possession. Detective Kaga is assigned to the case and quickly discovers that the deceased, Takeaki Aoyagi, was a fairly important businessman. Did Yashima kill him? Simply rob him? Is Yashima truly the criminal he appears to be? Kaga is anxious to find the answers before Yashima comes out of his coma. Tracing the recent activities of the victim and Yashima sends Kaga across the city on a quest for answers.

A Death in Tokyo, translated by Giles Murray, is an excellent--and surprising--mystery. Kaga is a thoughtful investigator, and the families of Yashima and the dead man are filled with interesting characters, keeping readers guessing about motivations until the final pages. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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