The True Love Experiment

Writing duo Christina Lauren has created another effervescent yet thoughtful romance in The True Love Experiment. Fans of some of Lauren's earlier novels will enjoy this return to their typical banter-filled rom-com style. Felicity ("Fizzy") Chen has had no luck on the dating scene, and it doesn't help that her best friend Jess (from 2021's The Soulmate Equation) is deliriously happy in her new relationship. Fizzy used to be a bestselling romance author, but writer's block is matching her woeful dating life, and she's struggling on all fronts.

Then a reality show producer approaches Fizzy about a love experiment. He wants her to star in a Bachelorette-type show, where she gets to date a bunch of men--and Fizzy thinks this might be just what she needs to get her writing career launched again. Unfortunately for Fizzy's plans, however, handsome producer Connor Prince is occupying much more of her thoughts than any of the men for whom she's supposed to be falling. Now she's worried that she's going to add "breaking all the reality tv rules" to her other problems.

Clever and knowing, Fizzy's take on the romance industry obviously owes a lot to Christina Lauren's real-life romance-writing experiences. With a bit of sly self-awareness, some hilarious romance tropes, and a cast full of engaging characters, The True Love Experiment is an entertaining foray into the realities of modern romance. Perfect for fans of reality dating shows or romantic comedies, The True Love Experiment is a ton of fun. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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