Do Your Worst

Sparks fly--sometimes literally--in Rosie Danan's steamy contemporary romance Do Your Worst, when a feisty curse-breaker meets a skeptical archeologist in a cursed castle in the Scottish highlands. Riley Rhodes was born into a family with a "unique talent for vanquishing the occult," and she's now trying to turn curse breaking into a proper consulting business, so Riley is thrilled to receive an invitation to work at the long-cursed Arden Castle in Scotland, which has driven off dozens of owners over the decades. Clark Edgeware, meanwhile, is at Arden for quite the opposite reason--not to launch a career, but to salvage his name and reputation after a spectacularly public controversy at his last archeological dig.

When Riley learns that the skeptical, yet drop-dead gorgeous, Clark has tried to get her fired from working at Arden, she vows revenge. Her attempts keep going sideways, though, and the two find themselves thrown together in increasingly tense situations in the castle, involving ladder falls, fire sparks, and freak storms, to name a few--all of which leave them both more than a little breathless.

In these increasingly inexplicable and seemingly inescapable situations, Danan (The Roommate) shows off her skills working with tried-and-true romance tropes in new and exciting ways: opposites attract, forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers. With no small amount of heat and the perfect smattering of steamy bedroom scenes throughout, Do Your Worst offers up a deliciously tense and perfectly believable romance with just a hint of the occult, as two unlikely lovers learn to let their guards down and let each other in. --Kerry McHugh, freelance writer

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