In This Issue

This week, we review an outstanding collection of titles, including The Titanic Survivor's Book Club by Timothy Schaffert, a historical novel with "heartfelt passages on the allure of books and the emotional challenges of trying to hold on to the past"; and Rough Trade by Katrina Carrasco, a "riveting queer adventure" written with "a brisk pace and cheeky playfulness." Plus, Sanae Ishida pairs her writing with the craft of sewing in the "exquisitely empowering picture book" Sashiko's Stitches, about calming and mending "a young girl's overwhelming emotions."

In The Writer's Life, Victoria Aveyard, author of Fate Breaker, reveals her go-to recommendation for anyone looking to read a fantasy series, and which book she says "shifted my entire being and opened my eyes not just to what I loved, but to what I had to do with my life."

--Dave Wheeler, senior editor, Shelf Awareness
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