Otherworldly by F.T. Lukens (Spell Bound) is a paranormal romance bursting with coziness, featuring a heartwarming found family and a charming love story.

An inexplicable perpetual winter has plagued Solis City for five years, prompting 17-year-old Ellery to find a job to help support their family's struggling farm. Despite their parents' faith in the goddess of the harvest, Ellery thinks the "supernatural bullshit" is a waste of time. Meanwhile, Knox, a magic "familiar" from the "Other World," helps humans who have made bargains with his queen, the very same goddess of the harvest. However, Knox hasn't heard from her in years and decides to escape the lonely Other World by not returning after his latest assignment. The problem? Knox is unable to stay in the earthly realm without a human tether. Ellery, desperate to end winter to help their family, strikes a deal with the familiar--a deal that leads to love.

This cuddly paranormal romance has strong worldbuilding and well-explored real-world themes, such as religious trauma and strained parental relationships. But the novel's most captivating aspects are its humorous banter and the theme of found family, as depicted through the endearing romance that develops between Knox and Ellery, and the family Ellery builds separate from their parents. These slice-of-life events, told from both Ellery's and Knox's perspectives, are well-balanced with more tense fantastical moments, and it's during these low-stakes scenes that Lukens creates some of the comfiest moments. A heartwarming and enchanting read. --Lana Barnes, freelance reviewer and proofreader

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