Watching New York: Street Style A to Z

Known as the "people's paparazzi," photographer Johnny Cirillo's Instagram and TikTok accounts are well loved for their candid shots of New Yorkers' creative, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind street style. Born in Queens, N.Y., Cirillo started his Watching New York series as a summer passion project. He continued to share photos of interesting outfits and accessories, eventually gaining millions of social media followers and developing as an authority in fashion. Watching New York: Street Style A to Z moves Cirillo's work from social media to print, and presents new and old photos that express the authenticity of the city.

A foreword by fashion model Gigi Hadid conveys the book's cultural importance. Cirillo "has given the world outside of NYC the chance to experience just what makes it magical," Hadid writes. Each arresting page introduces readers to stylish people in one of the fashion world's capital cities. Cirillo's work is noteworthy for his ability to capture fashion and the essence of the people wearing it. When he asks each subject for permission to use their portrait, he follows up with other questions. Many photographs are accompanied by anecdotes, quotations, or short interviews that highlight the wearer's style and personality, enabling readers to experience what Cirillo describes as "therapeutic": moments of connection with strangers that prompt the thought, "Maybe we're all going through this together."

Watching New York includes beautiful full-page images and multi-image spreads. The photos are organized alphabetically, beginning with "accessories" and "all in black" and ending with "zebra and other animal prints." It's an imaginatively curated and inspiring collection that sheds light on original fashion looks and the individuality of New York City street style. --Clara Newton, freelance reviewer

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