Green Porno and Rossellini Draw a Crowd

Wednesday night some 230 people came to Coco66, a restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y., for a screening of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno films--shorts about the sex lives of insects--and an appearance and discussion by Rossellini herself. WORD hosted the event and sold 145 copies of Green Porno, the $24.95 book with DVD, published by HarperStudio in September. The event has Twitter roots that could lead to a new adage along the lines of "it never hurts to sort of ask": after a customer suggested that the store screen the Green Porno films in its basement event space, WORD manager Stephanie Anderson tweeted @harperstudio for permission. Soon afterward, she received an e-mail from HarperStudio's director of marketing Jessica Wiener saying, "We hear you'd like to do a Green Porno event! How would you like it if Isabella Rossellini came?" As Anderson put it, "After I woke up from my dead faint, I e-mailed back and said, 'Of course.' " In the photo (from l.): Kelly Amabile, WORD's event coordinator; Anna Perleberg, a new WORD bookseller; Anderson; Rossellini; WORD owner Christine Onorati; Vincent Onorati.

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