Cool Idea of The Day: Celebrating Mockingjay's Release

Bookselling This Week reported on the indie bookseller frenzy surrounding next week's release of Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, noting that "bookstores around the country will be open late on Monday night for customers who can't wait to get their hands on Mockingjay."

Although the series is written for a YA audience, adults have become big fans as well, and WORD,  Brooklyn, N.Y., "is catering to that crowd with an adults-only midnight party," BTW reported. "Most of our YA is sold to adults," said manager Stephanie Anderson. "We're in discussions right now about what exactly a Haymitch cocktail would look like."

At the Book Stop, Hood River, Ore., "We are doing a 'Not-Sleepover' after the release, similar to the one we did for Breaking Dawn," said owner Cynthia Christensen. "We invite up to 36 girls to sleep all night in the bookstore, although most will spend the time reading the entire book."

Michelle Galo, a bookseller at Red Fox Books, Glens Falls, N.Y., worked with a local teacher and several teen Hunger Games fans to create a game based on the books. "Each player draws a card that designates a particular skill, like 'Survivalist' or 'Trailblazer,' " said co-owner Susan Fox. "They receive base points, and then can add to those points by visiting four 'zones' and taking part in contests in those zones, i.e., in the Forest, they take part in a trivia contest and can build on their Knowledge points. There's a Nerf archery contest, and a luck contest as well. Participants can trade items, like a sleeping bag for a knife, which will also allow them to build points. They can also challenge each other to show their cards; the 'loser' has to leave the game. The winner is the last person left, or the person with the most points come midnight!"

Another book-related game designer is Magic Tree Books, Oak Park, Ill., where co-owner Iris Yipp will have a game "with a life-size board. We're recreating the whole Hunger Games world in the hall behind our store."

Boulder Book Store, Boulder, Colo., will celebrate Mockingjay's release Monday afternoon. Mandy King, marketing and promotions manager, told BTW the bookshop "got a couple of local businesses to co-sponsor and offer prizes, mostly gift cards. We'll have food and drinks, including specially designed Mockingjay cupcakes from a local shop, Tee & Cakes. As for games, we plan on having multiple stations throughout our ballroom with different Hunger Games-themed challenges: a Nerf archery station, an identify edible plants station, a Cinna dress designing station, a trivia station."


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