Slurpee and a Kindle?: Amazon Lockers in Virginia 7-Elevens

Although several months have passed since the last Amazon Locker sighting in New York City, tech blogger Dave Zatz recently snapped photos of the online retailer's package delivery/storage units he spotted recently at 7-Elevens in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. He noted "they've received something of a facelift since their Seattle launch (and compared to the spartan grey edifice displayed on Amazon's FAQ)."

Zatz also observed that Amazon "lists a mere 4 partner 7-11s in NoVA at this time. But there may be quite a few more coming online shortly... as the outpost I visited this a.m. in Fairfax is unlisted," and he suggested that "we're obviously seeing something of a soft launch here in the capital region."

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