Final Daily Show Book Reco: Do Unto Animals

Last night, just two nights before the Daily Show's final episode, Jon Stewart made his final book recommendation--and it was a special one. The book is Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better by his wife, Tracey Stewart. To be published on October 6 by Artisan Books, Do Unto Animals is a guide with illustrations by Lisel Ashlock on how to improve animals' quality of life at home, in the backyard and on the farm. Stewart, a veterinary technician who has 19 rescue animals at home, mixes facts about animals and their behavior with practical advice, projects and stories of her own family's experience.

Jon Stewart said on the air last night: "I've always known that my wife is kinder and a nicer person than I am, but to learn that she is funnier and a better writer? I'm not gonna lie to you--stings a little bit!" Acknowledging that the book isn't available yet, he recommended viewers "head down to your local bookstore, your independent bookstore, and ask them to order it."

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