Village Voice: Greenlight Bookstore 'Best of NYC'

Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore was named "Best Bookstore" in the Village Voice's Best of NYC edition. Noting that Greenlight is "on its way to becoming a New York institution," the Voice wrote: "Rebecca Fitting and Jessica Stockton Bagnulo opened the Fort Greene favorite in 2009 and celebrated a crucial milestone this past summer when the store settled the tab on the remainder of its community lender loans, making Greenlight totally debt-free. Beyond its top-of-the-line stock of everything from classics to under-the-radar gems, devotees love Greenlight for its intense focus on fostering community in its neighborhood. Partnerships with the Brooklyn Academy of Music, St. Joseph's College, and Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration bring local writers and world-famous authors alike to Greenlight's much-celebrated reading series, and the shop runs plenty of community-oriented reading groups and cultural discussions week to week. That kind of dedication to playing an active role in a community, rather than that of just another ephemeral rental in a block of retail chains, makes Greenlight a truly special place, worthy of love in Brooklyn and way beyond."

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