Europa Editions Launches Bookseller Scholarship

Europa Editions is creating the Europa International Book Fair Scholarship, a program that will offer scholarships to allow U.S. booksellers to attend the world's biggest international book fairs, including the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair and the Turin Book Fair. The scholarships will include travel from the U.S., accommodations, per diem allowances, entry to the fair and a customized itinerary of meetings and events. The publisher aims to offer one scholarship per year.

"Europa has always been about building bridges," Europa Editions editor-in-chief Michael Reynolds commented. "And booksellers have always been and will continue to be an essential part of that bridge-building. We want to give American booksellers more opportunities to cultivate deeper connections with the international publishing and bookselling community. More members of this community come together at the London, Frankfurt and Turin book fairs than anywhere else."

The first scholarship will be offered to Frankfurt in October and be linked to the November 1 launch in the U.S. of two new books by Elena Ferrante--Frantumaglia: An Author's Journey and The Beach at Night--and to the internationally focused Ferrante initiatives that will take place at Frankfurt. Still, Reynolds emphasized, "Going forward, the scholarship is designed simply to offer U.S. booksellers a chance to connect with the international publishing community and will be open to any bookseller who is keen to establish and foster this connection."

For this year's scholarship, one of the bookstores that hosts a #FerranteNightFever launch event during the week of October 31 will win a scholarship for someone on staff to the Frankfurt Book Fair, which will be held October 19-23. Stores need to confirm by July 30 that they will host a #FerranteNightFever event by writing to The winning store owner or manager will be notified by August 15, and the choice of who will attend Frankfurt from the store is up to the winner.

By September 15, stores need to send details about their event and set up an event page on their website and/or create an event on Facebook so that Europa can link to it for its #FerranteNightFever interactive map. Europa will provide participating bookstores with an event kit with event ideas, discussion questions and A4 #FerranteNightFever posters as well as buttons and bookmarks. For details, write to

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