Charlottesville's New Dominion Bookshop: 'A Safe Space'

"We've had a lot of people come into the shop to see how we were and to make sure that we were alright after the rally, but also just to go out onto the mall to try to show that we are still here, that Charlottesville has not been made cowardly by the actions of these violent groups. At the bookshop, we've just been doing our best to be a safe space for anyone who wants it, especially since we are right by the memorial, to be the place where people can come into the air conditioning and be inside for a while.

"Mostly, people have been wanting to talk about it. It's just been a hard thing for everyone to talk about in general, but of course we all need to. That is the whole idea of a bookshop, to be a place where people can be in conversation with each other. A lot of people have come in to express their anger about what happened. This has also been move-in week for the University of Virginia, so people from all over the country have been dropping by to express their sympathy and their condolences."

--Robert Lazo, assistant manager at New Dominion Bookshop, Charlottesville, Va., in a Bookselling This Week piece headlined "Booksellers Respond to Charlottesville"
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