Student/Bookseller Creates LGBTQIA+ Lit Resource

Carol Spurling, owner of BookPeople of Moscow in Moscow, Idaho, sent us a link to a University of Idaho article headlined "CLASS Creative Writing student creates resource guide to help others access queer literature."

"Awesome article on a LGBTQIA+ resource created by a student who works for me," Spurling noted. "He did it on his own time when he wasn't at the store, but still, I'm proud of him. He's a great bookseller too."

A senior creative writing major in the University of Idaho College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, Keegan Lawler has created American Queer: A Digital Library of LGBTQIA+ Literature, a website "broken into sections labeled 'Silent,' 'Hidden' and 'Proud' as Lawler collects works from as far back as the author known as Publick Universal Friend in 1736 and Michael Wigglesworth's 'Day of Doom' in 1662," the university noted.

"A lot of these things became available to me as I came to college," he said. "A lot of people are intimidated by pulling a book off the shelf, so I'd like to make it available online."

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