Hong Kong Bookseller 'Released' by China, Still Missing

Gui Minhai, a co-owner of Mighty Current Media and its bookshop in Hong Kong "who has been held in China for two years has not been heard from, despite assertions by the Chinese authorities that he was released last week," the New York Times reported. A Chinese-born Swedish citizen, Gui disappeared from his home in Thailand on October 17, 2015. Four other men associated with the publishing house were also detained and were later released.

Swedish diplomats, who said they had been told by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Gui would be released on October 17, went that day to the place where he was being held, but were informed he had been released at midnight.

His daughter, Angela Gui, said, "This week I have slept with my phone on my pillow waiting for my father to call. I will continue to do so until he does."

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