Image of the Day: Halloween Spirit at Phoenix Books Rutland

The bookselling team at Phoenix Books in Rutland, Vt., shared a pic from the city's annual Halloween Parade, which took place over the weekend and "is one of the longest running Halloween parades in the country. Thousands of residents and visitors come to downtown Rutland the Saturday before Halloween to watch or take part in this long-standing tradition. While the parade originated with a super hero theme--and costumed heroes are still to be found every year--current parade entrants are encouraged to use their imaginations. Recent award winning floats have included Wizard of Oz, dinosaur and science fiction themes. Children line the curb along the parade route hoping the crazy characters walking past will stop to drop a goody in their bags. This year, Phoenix Books took part with booksellers dressed up as--what else?--books and Phoenix Books co-owner Mike DeSanto and Phoenix Books Rutland co-owner Tom Huebner driving the store van." 

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