Parnassus Books Leads 'The Reader's Workout'

"If there's one question we get most around here, it's, 'What should I read next?' If there are two questions, the other is, 'How do you stay in such great shape?'* And because booksellers are nothing if not generous of spirit, we are delighted to share our fitness tips with you today." the staff at Parnassus Books, Nashville, Tenn., noted in a post on the store's blog headlined The Reader's Workout: 10 Fitness Tips for Book-Loving Minds and Bodies.

"(*Entirely possible that we've only imagined anyone asking us this question.)"

While the booklover's workout primarily involves three steps (lift book, read, repeat), "if you want to get creative with it, you could try these additional moves," the booksellers suggested.

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