'The Bookstore Has Bounced Back'

"While it might seem strange to be talking about book stores in a jewellery and watch title, as our feature in the November issue shows, there is a lot the jewellery industry can learn from the work of booksellers and, in particular, their representative trade association here in the U.K.--the Booksellers Association. Despite obvious challenges in the form of e-readers and online-only sellers, who can undercut on price, the bookstore has bounced back, with the trade association leading the charge and helping to engage the consumer in innovative ways that drive footfall into stores.

"If the good work of the Booksellers Association proves anything, it is that the role of an industry trade association should be, first and foremost, to engage with the end consumer and promote its retail members to those consumers."

--Ruth Faulkner, editor of Retail Jeweller magazine, in an opinion piece headlined "What we can all learn from books"
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