Macmillan Shutters Self-Pub Unit Pronoun

Macmillan Publishers is closing Pronoun, Inc., the self-publishing company it acquired two years ago that provided digital book publishing tools, analytics and services for authors and media companies.

In an "Epilogue" posted on Pronoun's website, Macmillan said: "Two years ago Pronoun set out to create a one-of-a-kind publishing tool that truly put authors first. We believed that the power of data could be harnessed for smarter book publishing, leveling the playing field for indie authors."

Expressing pride in the product the publisher created, Macmillan nevertheless conceded that "Pronoun's story ends here. While many challenges in indie publishing remain unsolved, Macmillan is unable to continue Pronoun's operation in its current form. Every option was considered before making the very difficult decision to end the business." Pronoun will wind down distribution, with an end date of January 15, 2018.

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