Obituary Note: Sue Margolis

British comic novelist Sue Margolis, whose career "would bring her a national, then a global, following as the writer of more than a dozen novels, starting in 1998 with Neurotica," died November 1, the Guardian reported. She was 62. The arrival of her husband David's first home computer in 1995 prompted Margolis to start "typing manically. By the time he came home, the first chapter of Neurotica was written. On the strength of the chapter, the agent Vivienne Schuster sold it to Headline Publishing."

Although Neurotica sold well, her second novel, Sisteria (1999), "flopped, and Sue's writing career almost ended there," the Guardian noted. But Schuster made a sale to the U.S., "where Neurotica and 12 more titles became bookstore staples."

Margolis's other books include Days Like These; Gucci Gucci Coo; Coming Clean; Best Supporting Role; Forget Me Knot; and Apocalipstick. Shortly before she became ill earlier this year, she began working on a novel "set in Berlin around and after Kristallnacht in 1938. She returned to it many times during her illness, but became too tired to complete it," the Guardian wrote.

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