'Bill Clinton Loves' AIA St. Louis Bookstore

"Who'd have thought that one tiny St. Louis bookstore could entice the former leader of the free world to stop his motorcade and do a little shopping?" asked Riverfront Times in reporting that President Bill Clinton last week visited the American Institute of Architects St. Louis bookstore "so that he could pick up a few items for himself and for his grandchildren."

Clinton was "pumped" to visit the store, according to Kathleen Bauer, community director for technology incubator T-REX, which owns the historic Lammert Building that houses AIA St. Louis. Riverfront Times noted that "his Secret Service squad urged him multiple times to wrap up his shopping and photo ops. And what did Clinton walk out with? The presidential shopping list included Book of Bones, The Most Awesome Arch, a set of notecards featuring the art of Chiura Obata, and Hero Decks, a collection of playing cards starring the Cardinals' best players past and present. Not a bad haul from one of the city's design gems."

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