Hummingbird Digital Adds Format Option

Hummingbird Digital Media, which offers bookstores and others free, branded platforms for the sale of e-books and audiobooks from more than 3,400 publishers, has added a feature allowing stores to exclude formats on their digital storefronts, for example, opting to sell just e-books or just audiobooks.

The option came at the suggestion of Allison Hill, CEO of Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena, Calif., and Book Soup, West Hollywood, who already had a vendor for audiobooks and wanted to sell only e-books via Hummingbird, said Hummingbird president and chief visionary officer Steve Mettee.

"Our software has always allowed the exclusion of categories from our huge catalog," Mettee continued. "We did that at request of religious merchants who didn't want it to seem like they were marketing erotica.

"We find now that some merchants are excluding everything but children's titles and we have at least one merchant who excludes everything except history."

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