B&N Survey Finds Thanksgiving Eve 'Busiest Reading Day of the Year'


The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest reading day of the year, with many holiday travelers turning to reading to help ease the stress of traveling, an independent survey of holiday reading habits commissioned by Barnes & Noble has found.

According to the survey, 77% of Americans read at least one book, newspaper or magazine during Thanksgiving or other holiday travel, while 60% of travelers usually bring, buy or borrow reading material specifically for travel on Thanksgiving Eve. Some 73% of respondents said they felt that traveling on the day before Thanksgiving is a "good time to bring a book they would enjoy and be able to read," and just over a quarter of Americans feel that "bringing a book along for Thanksgiving could give them a way to get out of an uncomfortable or awkward conversation with a relative or other guest."

More than half of the survey's respondents said that they do not get to read or enjoy books as often as they'd like, with 71% reporting that holiday travel time is a good opportunity to catch up on books or magazines that they haven't found the time to read. When it comes to the benefits of reading while traveling, most respondents answered that: it's a good way to pass the time while delayed; it helps ease the stress of traveling; it helps "transport" the reader somewhere else; travel time is good for catching up on books; and it gives the reader a chance to learn something new.

Finally, 73% of respondents said that when they do read while traveling, it makes their trip more relaxing, and 72% said that it makes their trip more enjoyable.

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