Happy Birthday, Moonraker Books!

Congratulations to Moonraker Books, Langley, Wash., which is celebrating its 45th anniversary. Whidbey Local reported that owner Josh Hauser "still loves greeting customers and helping them find a particular book" and "has noticed a resurgence of interest in old-fashioned paper books."

"People keep coming into the store and spending time just wandering and looking at what's there," she said. "Just about everyone--adults and children--loves getting a good book for a present."

For Hauser and her late husband, Glenn, the store's name (a sail at the top of the mast of a sailboat) represented daydreaming. "They believed that a major attraction of a bookstore is exploring and dreaming. They weren't sure the bookstore would be a success, but people came to check it out and kept returning and telling others about the Moonraker," Whidbey Local wrote.

The secrets to her success: "I love books, and I love people."

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