New Owner for Charlottesville's New Dominion Bookshop

Charlottesville, Va., native Julia Kudravetz signed papers November 15 to become the owner of New Dominion Bookshop, just under a year after "Carol Troxell's sudden death in January sent shock waves through Charlottesville's literary community--and left some wondering what would become of the downtown institution," C-Ville reported.

"This was always a place I felt most centered," Kudravetz said of the bookshop that was established in 1924 and is one of the oldest businesses on the Downtown Mall. She is the co-founder of the Charlottesville Reading Series at the Bridge, which led in early 2016 to doing social media for Troxell. "I had talked to her" about acquiring the business someday, but "not in any serious way, because it was hard to imagine the store without Carol," Kudravetz added.

Writer Jane Barnes said, "Julia seems meant to take New Dominion Bookshop to its next manifestation. She knows Charlottesville having grown up here. She has lots of youthful energy, an offbeat sense of humor, a racing brain. She's ready to try new things."

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