Wedding Photo Shoot at Ada's Technical Books

Posted recently on Facebook by Ada's Technical Books & Café, Seattle, Wash.: "A few weeks ago, Sane Weddings and Offbeat Bride joined forces to put together a styled wedding shoot in The Lab at Ada's (our event space) and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! A genderfluid, geeky, beautiful celebration of partnerships in their many forms? Yep, that's our kind of party."

Offbeat Bride wrote: "Ok, so can we talk for a second about the models here, Sarah and Matt? These two are dear friends who are also coworkers at Ada's Technical Books, roommates, oh AND they co-produce burlesque shows together with OK FINE Collaborations. This is all to say, they spend a lot of time together, but are 100% not romantic partners. (Much to the confusion of Matt's grandparents).... Matt and Sarah have a relationship that includes work, play, performance, and domesticity... you can see from their smiles in these pictures how close they are, and I love this shoot as a way to celebrate that meaningful relationships aren't JUST about romantic partnerships."

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