'Who Needs Elves When You Have Shop Dogs?' (& Cats!)

The shop dogs of Parnassus Books, Nashville, Tenn., "have been hearing lots of talk about elves lately, and we’d like to set everyone straight about something. Those little guys from the North Pole may show up once a year to help with Christmas--which, nice try, elves, thanks for jumping in--but the critters who really make the book-joy happen all year long are right here on the floor of your neighborhood bookstore. So forget the elves on your shelves--you’ve got the dogs from this blog!... To express our thanks to the folks of Nashville, book lovers who visit from afar, and all our friends who call, e-mail, and order books online, we made this video."

Booksellers of the feline persuasion at Horton's Books & Gifts, Carrollton, Ga., petitioned for equal time, noting on Facebook: "Holiday crowds got you frazzled? Stop by to cuddle a cat and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet." And: "Coffee's hot--drop by for a 'cupa' and enjoy browsing our shelves for that perfect gift." And: "Santa's special helper stamping every letter so it is delivered on time."

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