This Weekend on Book TV: Daniel Ellsberg

Book TV airs on C-Span 2 this weekend from 8 a.m. Saturday to 8 a.m. Monday and focuses on political and historical books as well as the book industry. The following are highlights for this coming weekend. For more information, go to Book TV's website.

Saturday, January 6
6:20 p.m. Robert W. Merry, author of President McKinley: Architect of the American Century (Simon & Schuster, $35, 9781451625448). (Re-airs Sunday at 10:55 p.m.)

7:30 p.m. Harlan Ullman, author of Anatomy of Failure: Why America Loses Every War It Starts (Naval Institute Press, $29.95, 9781682472255). (Re-airs Sunday at 3 p.m.)

8:45 p.m. Leslie Berlin, author of Troublemakers: Silicon Valley's Coming of Age (Simon & Schuster, $30, 9781451651508). (Re-airs Sunday at 6:15 p.m.)

10 p.m. Jon Newman, author of Benched: Abortion, Terrorists, Drones, Crooks, Supreme Court, Kennedy, Nixon, Demi Moore, and Other Tales from the Life of a Federal Judge (William S. Hein, $29.95, 9780837740492). (Re-airs Sunday at 9 p.m. and Monday at 3 a.m.)

11 p.m. Daniel Ellsberg, author of The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner (Bloomsbury, $30, 9781608196708).

Sunday, January 7
12 p.m. David Ignatius, author of The Quantum Spy: A Thriller (Norton, $25.95, 9780393254150). (Re-airs Sunday at 12 a.m.)

7:30 p.m. Steven Stoll, author of Ramp Hollow: The Ordeal of Appalachia (Hill & Wang, $30, 9780809095056).

10 p.m. Gordon Wood, author of Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (Penguin Press, $35, 9780735224711).

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