Man Booker Prize Now Open to Irish Publishers

Irish publishers are now eligible to submit novels for the Man Booker Prize following a change in the rules of entry. As of 2018, any novel written originally in English and published in Ireland by an imprint formally established in Ireland is eligible for the prize.

In making the decision, the Booker Prize Foundation consulted with Publishing Ireland. The organizations agreed that given the special relationship between the U.K. and Irish publishing markets--most Irish publishers release books simultaneously in Ireland and the U.K.--all Irish publishers should be eligible. The aim of the new rule is to ensure independent Irish publishers are given the same opportunity to be recognized by the prize as Irish publishers who have headquarters in the U.K. and are already eligible to submit titles.

Gaby Wood, literary director of the Booker Prize Foundation, said, "So much exciting new fiction is being written and published concurrently in Ireland and the U.K. that we felt it was only right to acknowledge and honor that."

Ronan Colgan, president of Publishing Ireland, commented: "This announcement is wonderful news, not just for Irish publishers and Irish writers but for our intertwined literary heritage."

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