Bookselling Without Borders Opens Scholarship Applications

Applications open today for the Bookselling Without Borders international book fair scholarship for U.S. booksellers "interested in diverse and international literature, in fostering relationships with the international bookselling community, and in traveling to some of the world's great literary cities." Booksellers may apply by visiting the website anytime before February 28. Scholarship recipients will be announced in March.

The program, now in its third year, will send booksellers on all-expenses-paid trips to some the world's main book fairs, including the Turin Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Guadalajara International Book Fair. Bookselling Without Borders is run through a partnership of independent publishers Catapult, Europa Editions, Graywolf, the New Press, Other Press, Princeton University Press and Rutgers University Press.

In addition to the seven partner publishers, it is supported by Ingram Content Group, as well as by more than 250 individuals who contributed more than $30,000 through a Kickstarter campaign in 2017.

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