TV: When We Were Orphans; The Plot Against America

Caryn Mandabach Productions (Peaky Blinders) has optioned the TV rights to Nobel Literature laureate Kazuo Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans to develop as a limited series, Deadline reported. Ishiguro will be an executive producer along with Caryn Mandabach and Jamie Glazebrook.

"Each one of Kazuo Ishiguro's masterpieces contains a world so vivid that one feels one has lived inside it," said Glazebrook. "When We Were Orphans is no exception--a psychological thriller like no other that extends across continents into the heart of a war. It's a very personal adventure that resonates today, and we could not be more excited to bring this extraordinary story to the screen."


David Simon (The Wire) is adapting Philip Roth's The Plot Against America for television. The Guardian reported that Simon confirmed a project is in the works "shortly after the six-part mini-series was mentioned in an interview with Roth published in the New York Times.... Further details on the series were not immediately available, but Roth met recently with Simon."

Simon tweeted: "Not actually cool to be reminded by the paper of record that you are tasked with doing justice to greater work than any on which you have so far trespassed."

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