'Future Is Bright' for op.cit. Bookstores

op.cit. in Taos, N.Mex.

"Is anyone in 20 years going to look at a shelf of defunct e-readers?" Noemi de Bodisco, owner of op.cit. bookstores in Santa Fe, Taos and Las Vegas, N.Mex., asked in a Sante Fe New Mexican article reporting that "the future is bright" for the Northern New Mexico indie, which sells new and used books. "There is an aesthetic to it all," she added.  "There is very little aesthetic with a digital flat file."

De Bodisco also noted that Sante Fe can hold its own as a literary destination: "The culture of Santa Fe is very important. Santa Fe is very much a book town, very much an art town. The aesthetic of the book is still very important.... I would like to be considered one of the best bookstores in the country. I always wanted to build something I was comfortable shopping in. You've got to be interesting. You've got to have a point of view; you've got to have a highly curated point of view. Every book in here is chosen for a reason.... I just feel like we have kind of got our footing. Our feet are on the ground. It can only get better. I feel like we have turned the corner, and I feel like the future is bright and rosy and full of books... I hope."

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