Bringing #Wi13 Back Home

"Last week, the Briar Patch was represented among close to 700 booksellers and several hundred publishers, distributors, wholesalers, authors and more at American Booksellers Association's Winter Institute in Memphis. Over 3+ days of educational programming included best practices and idea exchanges on the nuts and bolts of running a successful independent bookstore. Perhaps more importantly, we discussed diversity & inclusiveness in all aspects of bookselling and how to be a great partner in our communities. This week, we're excited to bring all of this back to Bangor and continue to do what we do best--put books in the hands of readers of all ages. Thank you to the ABA, the many publisher reps and, especially, all of our sister bookstores for welcoming us at this positive and healthy event."

--Posted Monday on Facebook by the Briar Patch bookstore, Bangor, Maine
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