Great Moments in Bookseller Conversations

Posted on Facebook earlier this week by New Zealand bookshop Volume in Nelson:

Bookseller 1: We have had this book on the bottom shelf for a long time. It is a good book, but nobody's going to find it. I'm going to put it on display.

Bookseller 2: Well, OK. Yes, it is a good book but it is quite obscure and specialised, and has a bad cover. People will see it on display but they still won't buy it. If we put it on display, we are taking display space away from a book that we would sell.

Bookseller 1: Let's try it and see.

Bookseller 2: Well, OK. But only for a short time.

[30 seconds pass.]

Customer (enters shop and glances at display): Oh, look at that. I had better have that one. (Purchases book, exits.)

Bookseller 1 (aside): Ha ha.

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