'What's the Future of Books?' Ask a Psychic

"What's the future of books?" Los Angeles Times books reporter Agatha French asked before venturing to Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice and hiring "one of its on-site psychics--to find out.... During my first visit, the store was bustling, with readers lounging in comfy chairs and on the back patio, perusing some of Mystic Journey's 5,000 books."

The "most unusual draw, and the reason I'd visited, is a small hallway lined with private rooms for psychic readings," French wrote, adding that she spoke with Mystic Journey's owner, Jeffrey Segal, "who helped me narrow it down."

"I believe that all things happen for a reason--and a good reason," said Segal.

French noted that Segal "believes in intuition, and his psychic readers are as essential to his business as are crystals or books. For my reading, he agreed that a psychic named Aurana would be a good choice."

Among Aurana's predictions: "Big thing that's coming up is health. People are going to want to know more and more about ways to live longer, ways to live healthier, ways to live happier." And: "A lot of it seems to be moving towards audio."

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