Milkweed Books Among 'Best Hidden Spots' in Minneapolis

In a piece headlined "Shopping in Minneapolis: An Insider's Guide to the Best Hidden Spots," Vogue magazine noted that the city "is finally starting to get the national recognition it deserves for being a hub of great culture.... But the city's shopping scene remains largely overshadowed by the suburban mass-market behemoth that is the Mall of America. It's a shame, because locally-owned shops cropping up all around town are certainly worthy of attention, and the message they are celebrating is: Buy and make local."

Among the businesses highlighted was Milkweed Books, which is "housed on the ground floor of downtown Minneapolis' Open Book building, the country's largest literary arts center. The shop is a project of Milkweed Editions, an independent publisher based upstairs. Milkweed Books' nonprofit status has the freedom to advocate for titles you won't see in other shops. The uber-knowledgeable staff and highly curated shelves will ensure you leave with an under-the-radar selection that will soon hit the cultural zeitgeist."

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