TV: Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin, based on the crime novels of German author Volker Kutscher, "follows a police detective in the capital of the Weimar Republic--the decadent city of Berlin--before the rise of Nazism," Business Insider reported, adding that Netflix, which recently made two eight-episode seasons available, "has found another quality co-production from Germany in the 1920s-set crime series." See the trailer here.

"In the '20s, it was really the capital of the world. And nobody really knows about it because, of course, the monstrosity of the Nazi period afterwards is so huge," the show's co-creator, Achim von Borries, told NPR. 

Tom Tykwer, co-writer and co-director, added: "We had some really famous serial killers, some really ugly crimes that came from Berlin and that created a myth about the darkness and the filthiness of the city."

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