Awards: Waterstones Children's Book Shortlist

An 18-title shortlist in three categories (illustrated books, younger fiction and older fiction) has been announced for Waterstones Children's Book Prize, which are "chosen from the many thousands of new titles that pass through our booksellers' hands." Category winners, which will be announced March 22, receive £2,000 (about $2,770) and then vie for the title of £3,000 (about $4,155) Waterstones Children's Book of the Year. See the complete shortlist here.

Waterstones children's book buyer Florentyna Martin said, "Children have always been eager to experience worlds beyond our own, whether it's in books, films or technology, but our booksellers' shortlist show that a resurgence of nostalgic fantastical adventures is creating a hunger for new magical stories. The books on this year's lists are the classics of the future and will be inspiring children for generations to come."

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