Ownership Change at Brockport's Lift Bridge Book Shop

Cody Steffen, co-owner of Lift Bridge Book Shop, Brockport, N.Y., plans to sell his share of the business to his partners John and Sarah Bonczyk. Steffen and the Bonczyks bought Lift Bridge from founders Archie and Pat Kutz in 2014.

In a post on the store's Facebook page, Steffen wrote: "I have some news. The book store is not in the greatest shape financially and can no longer support two families. John and Sarah Bonczyk have offered to buy my share of the store, and I've accepted. There's no set date for my departure yet, but it'll be sooner rather than later.

"I'm sad to go--I love Lift Bridge. I worked here for four years and have co-owned the store with John for the last 3. I'll miss being a part of it all. I met my wife here right after I first got hired. Our daughter used to come to work with us when she was an infant, strapped to her mama's chest while she received books and worked the cash register. I'll miss my kids hanging out here after school and running around like they own the place (which they kinda do). I'll miss my colleagues and customers, too.

"John and I knew this wouldn't be easy and would be a bit of an uphill battle in the world of Amazon. I'm grateful for the experience and wish we could've made it work together, but know this is necessary and that the store is in good hands going forward."

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