Image of the Day: A Suspenseful Dinner

Los Angeles-area booksellers celebrated the March 6 publication of Candice Fox's novel Crimson Lake (Forge) at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood. Pictured: (r.-l.) Katie Orphan, The Last Bookstore; Maureen Palacios, Once Upon a Time; Terry Gilman, Mysterious Galaxy; Kris Williams, Pilgrim School author events; Kristin Rasmussen, Pages; Kelcie Des Jandins, Chevalier's; Candice Fox (seated, center); Cheryl Ryan, Diesel; Gail Mishkin, Flintridge Tea and Coffee; Amanda Youngman, Barnes & Noble at the Grove; Jenny Wannier, Flintridge Tea and Coffee; and Mary Williams, Skylight Books.
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