Battle Creek Books Gets New Name, Location

Battle Creek Books, which announced in November that it would close if a buyer could not be found, will remain open under the same ownership, but with a new name and location. The Enquirer reported that the bookshop "is staying on West Michigan Avenue. However, that West Michigan Avenue is going to be the one in Marshall and not Battle Creek in just a couple of months."

In addition to the move to 114 W. Michigan Ave. in downtown Marshall, the business will be called the Mitten Word Bookshop. Battle Creek Books is closing March 17, and while an opening date for the Mitten Word has not been officially set, co-owners Jim and Ginny Donahue hope to have it open by mid-April.

The genesis of the decision came after Jim Donahue read that some independent bookstores were tying in with coffee shops and breweries "to make them more of a destination." He subsequently contacted Dark Horse Brewing Co. in Marshall, which led to an introduction to the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance.

"They were incredibly enthusiastic about inviting a bookstore over," Donahue said. "They have several storefronts. They have a good occupancy rate, but also a few spaces open. It seemed like a way to continue the joy of selling books and meeting new people. We're still in Calhoun County. MAEDA has been very welcoming, encouraging."

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