Ohio's Raven Books to Close, Will Relocate

Raven Books, a new, used and rare bookstore in Springfield, Ohio, is closing next week, but plans to reopen in a new and larger space to be announced later.

In a video posted on the shop's Facebook page, co-owner Mellissa Clancy announced that she and her husband, Dave, "have made the epic decision to leave the Upper Valley Mall. That doesn't mean we're closing down the store. It just means that we are moving to a new locale, and the location that we have decided to take on is five times larger than what we have now. It's grander, bigger, everything about it is huge, and it's going to be awesome by the time we're done with it. So, keep your fingers crossed for us that everything goes according to plan. We have high hopes for this place."

Clancy told her patrons not to be "alarmed that we're dropping off the face of the world. We're really not. What we're doing is basically hibernating, just for a little while, until everything is greenlights go for our new store." She also assured customers that "when we reopen the store, you can be assured that we're going to throw a good-sized party."

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