Cool Idea of the Day: McNally Jackson's 'How NOT To Summits'

To "shake things up a bit," McNally Jackson Williamsburg in Brooklyn is launching its "How NOT To Summits" on February 26 with "How Not to Write that Novel: Michael Cunningham with Billy Hough.

The events coordinator for McNally Jackson, Hough is also a downtown cabaret star (Scream Along with Billy), film actor (Rampart, Time Out of Mind) and ex-punk rocker (the GarageDogs). The bookstore noted that as a writer and performer, he "realizes that most of the great lessons come not from successes, but from mistakes.... Interviewing some of the most brilliant and successful writers in every genre, the questions and conversation will tend toward common mistakes young writers make--both in composition and in business. Expect some honest recounting of early disasters (amid successes) in these writer's lives and careers."

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