Binc, AdventureKEEN Return with 'Shop Local, Live Local All Year Long'

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation and publisher AdventureKEEN are teaming up again for a new, year-long version of the Shop Local, Live Local program. Designed to support independent booksellers through Binc as well as encourage readers to pursue healthy outdoor activities near their homes, last year's program saw AdventureKEEN donate 100% of profits generated by sales of their titles at independent bookstores during the month of June to Binc. This year, indies can sign up for an entire year and earn a 3% rebate and a matching 3% donation to Binc based on purchases of AdventureKEEN titles via PGW/IPS.

In order to get the year-long benefits of the program, booksellers need to sign up by March 31; enrollments after March 31 will earn prorated donations and rebates. And to help booksellers find guidebooks relevant to them, AdventureKEEN has put together state-by-state Edelweiss catalogues.

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