'Why Independent Bookstores Matter Now More Than Ever'

"I hope that, on an individual level, my book helps one person at a time. And that most often starts with a trusted bookseller or knowledgeable employee talking to a reader who wants guidance and saying, 'Here, try this great book.'

"So I want to say thank you to all the bookstores and booksellers out there. Thank you for working so hard in a business that you love. Thank you for carving out a space for us to be ourselves and connect with other people. Thank you for helping us find the books that will change our lives.

"And to all the readers, I want to say: Think before you click. That convenience of the online giant is fine sometimes, sure, but it also is well worth your time--trudging out in the rain and the snow--to the store in your town. The relationship among readers, writers, publishers, independent booksellers is vital today, in an era in which it's more important than ever to support community. And when you think about all the ways in which an independent bookstore has impacted your life, don't forget: We are as important to them as they are for us."

--Julie Rosenberg, M.D., author of Beyond the Mat: Achieve Focus, Presence, and Enlightened Leadership Through the Principles and Practice of Yoga (Da Capo), in a guest column for Writer's Digest headlined "Why Independent Bookstores Matter Now More Than Ever"
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