Image of the Day: More & More Politics & Prose

Politics & Prose, Washington, D.C., has expanded into space next to its flagship store on Connecticut Avenue. The room, which has a skylight, floor-to-ceiling cherry bookcases and custom-made display tables, features sales books as well as literary criticism, interior design, gardening and do-it-yourself project titles. In addition, the space, which once housed a dry cleaner, offers journals and greeting cards and a checkout counter. Outside of public view, some of the space has been remade into offices for staff who have been housed nearby. As a result of the shift of some sections, elsewhere in the store the children and teens department is expanding, more tables are being provided for the Den coffeehouse, and the receiving room has been enlarged. In addition, owners Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine noted, "The store has a new green-and-black awning out front and a couple of new awnings and a fresh paint job in back. And don't miss the towering chimney, viewable from the parking lot behind the store, with 'P&P' newly branded on it."

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