Image of the Day: Fountain of Love for Anatomy of a Miracle

"We've been waiting to share this book for MONTHS. We love this book so much. Please come to this okay? The book is really incredible though! Okay done ranting."

The book is Jonathan Miles's novel Anatomy of a Miracle (Hogarth), published today, and that's only the beginning of the praise from Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, Va. The store also devoted the entire front page of its newsletter to accolades by staffers, and put together the above window display and table displays in-store. Owner Kelly Justice wrote: "In 29 years in this business, I have never pulled out the stops this hard for a book. Anatomy of a Miracle means that much to me. I knew it couldn't be just me, so I made sure my booksellers got their own copies. Sure enough, after they read it too, we knew we had our hands on a diamond--only book-shaped and not nearly as expensive. I'm so happy to finally be able to share it with you! Come meet Jonny on March 28th here at the shop. You'll be glad you did."

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