Grolier Poetry Book Shop: 'Confluence of Ideas New & Old'

"Tucked along a lightly-traveled side street away from the nearby bustle of Harvard Square in Cambridge," the Grolier Poetry Book Shop's "high shelves hold more than 15,000 works in a room no bigger than a small studio apartment. They house an eclectic collection that crosses cultures and centuries; a confluence of ideas new and old," BU News Service reported.

"It's a very small space [with a lot of] history surrounding it," said owner Ifeanyi Menkiti. "People like the closeness, the intimacy.... I [just] wanted to keep this wonderful institution going."

Over its more than 90-year history, the bookshop "has maintained a loyal--albeit niche--following of patrons young and old," BU New Service wrote.

"There are people that still love poetry," said Cassandra Taylor, the shop's intern. "There's no better place to find something you love than something that specializes specifically in that.... The shop is so old and it has so much ambiance. What's not to love about it?"

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