The Excitement of 'Having Access to Indie Bookstores'

"[Indie bookstores] have played a really big role. I grew up in Detroit for most of my life, and for a very long time there was an indie bookstore right up the street that I went to probably almost every day growing up. Sadly, it closed at one point, which was really devastating because it was the place that I looked forward to going to every day. I've lived in a number of places now and the two things I always do when I get to a new place is look for the indie bookstores and look for the library. I spent last year living in Dubai, where there is not a whole lot of bookstores, and that was one of the things I struggled with most when I was there. Now I'm back in the U.S., living in Brooklyn. I love Books Are Magic--it was one the first places I checked out when I got here. That has probably been the most exciting part about moving to New York and back to the States, just having access to indie bookstores again."

--Christine Mangan, author of Tangerine, April's #1 Indie Next List Pick, in a q&a with Bookselling This Week
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